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authors (or artists) seeking funding

[lit] the following works-in-progress seek funding or donations through gofundme, liberapay, patreon, etc. [url][url] -- Funding page for Enxt Legends: [url][url] | [cc-by-sa-4.0] | Fantasy[lit]/[lit]Horror? "About two teenagers from another world known as Enxt" [url][url] -- Funding page for PHILL from GCHQ: [url][url] | [cc-by-4.0] | (NSFW) Link is to the 5th strip in the comic, as it is the first one that is arguably SFW We cannot personally vouch for the intentions or authenticity of any of the authors listed on this page. We do not handle your money, hopefully the funding websites take care of that-- it is entirely out of our hands. We simply tell you that these funding pages and authors exist. If you have a positive or negative experience based on these authors who seek funding, feel free to let us know. If you are an author who is seeking funding for a work in progress, or know any work in progress that is seeking funding, please let us know on this forum: [url][url] home: [lit][lit]