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[lit] welcome to the front of our library. we encourage you to help us expand our library by recommending titles, and by creating similar libraries (of any size) of your own. you can even copy our library, in whole or in part. the license for our library listings is the cc0 copyright waiver. please use the cc0 license for your library listings if you wish to help us expand our library through the creation of your own. that way, we can add parts of your library to ours (just as you can add parts of our library to yours.) even if you do not create your library in the same way, we recommend promoting titles with the licenses of items found in our library. some of the licenses we recommend and accept in this library can be found on this page: [[recommended-licenses]] reforming copyright law is another way to help our library grow. until copyright law is actually reformed, using free licenses for your work helps maintain a culture that is not owned exclusively by monopolies. software: our [[software-section]] contains free-as-in-freedom software titles you may or may not have heard of books: [url][url] [cc-by-sa-4.0] -- Digital Light | S. Cubitt, D. Palmer, N. Tkacz | Light, art and technology [url][url] [cc-by-sa-2.5] -- Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace, Version 2.0 | Lawrence Lessig | Internet culture and regulation [url][url] [cc0-1.0] -- free media: from computers to culture (first draft version) | figosdev | The original book about the free media alliance [url][url] [cc-by-4.0] -- A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students | Ed. Elizabeth Mays | Open Pedagogy Handbook [url][url] [cc-by-sa-4.0] -- DesilusiĆ³n en la Colmena | Emilio Lo Prete [url][url] [cc-by-sa-4.0] -- Copyleft and the GNU General Public License: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Guide | Kuhn, Sebro, Gingerich, FSF, SFLC [url][url] [cc0-1.0] -- Holographic Learning (With fig, computers and coding) Second Draft Version, OpenDocument Text | figosdev | A book about education and computers (and computer education) [url][url] [cc-by-4.0] -- (work in progress) Programming Fundamentals | Kenneth Leroy Busbee and Dave Braunschweig | OER Intro to programming, based on Busbees C++ book and (through the first half) introducing coding with C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and Python [url][url] [cc0-1.0] -- Church of Emacs 2.0: A sort of Vatican 2.0 for the Church of Emacs (Second Draft Version, OpenDocument Text) | An open letter to Free Software advocates, particularly the Trisquel community [url][url] [cc0-1.0] -- When you finish reading the title of this book, you will have read this book. | Lee Garcia | (there is a second edition) comics: [url][url] [cc-by-4.0] -- Pepper & Carrot | David Revoy | Adventures of a witch and her orange familiar [url][url] [cc-by-4.0] -- (NSFW) PHILL from GCHQ | Katharsisdrill | Link is to the 5th strip in the comic, as it is the first one that is arguably SFW video: [url][url] [cc-by-sa-4.0] -- MLTalks: Warren Ellis | Mit Media Lab MLTalks [url][url] [cc-by-4.0] -- MLTalks: How Data Killed Facts Jill Lepore in conversation with Andrew Lippman | Mit Media Lab MLTalks [url][url] [cc0-1.0] -- Sita Sings the Blues | Nina Paley | Ramayana remix film [url][url] [cc-by-3.0] -- How to Begin Thinking Like a Programmer | Andy Harris | Programming intro that teaches you to think about code before you write it [url][url] [cc0-1.0] -- Get CC0 Youtube channel | Get CC0 | 24 videos on youtube, ranging in length from 7 seconds to over 3 minutes [url][url] [cc0-1.0] -- CC0 cat videos 4K 60FPS | BenimationBla | 9 minutes of public domain cat footage [url][url] -- Double spiral animation, produced by fig educational language. The source is here: [url][url] essays, whitepapers and blog posts: [url][url] [cc-by-sa-4.0] -- A Business Case for Free Software | Rijk Ravestein | The Savapage Free Software model [[library/teaching-brancatelli]] [cc-by-sa-4.0] -- Teaching! | Robert Brancatelli [url][url] [license: [url][url]]-- An Asexual Language Does Not Guide Our Thinking While Speaking | University of Turku websites: our [[website-section]] includes sites that have substantial amounts of content (and sometimes code) under free licenses music: [url][url] [cc-by-sa-3.0] -- Saturdays | Lakey Inspired home: [lit][lit]