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[lit] cc0 is arguably the closest thing in the world to universal public domain. while its not the only way to promote the public domain, one thing you can do to create a healthier public domain (both in terms of awareness in also in practical terms) is to use the cc0 public domain dedication. another thing you can do is link to sites that use cc0! here then, is a list of cc0 works and sites where cc0 is prominent. let us know if you find others: books: [url][url] free media: from computers to culture (first draft version, july 2018) -- The original book about the free media alliance [url][url] -- When you finish reading the title of this book, you will have read this book. By Lee Garcia (there is a second edition) comics: [url][url] wuffle comics -- unlike most wolves, wuffle is innocent, naive, and kind-hearted websites: [url][url] -- cc0 stock images [url][url] -- the official puppy linux website uses the cc0 dedication at the bottom [url][url] cc0 enthusiast [lit]/[lit] blogger and free software author, also this music is cc0: [url][url] [url][url] excellent blog for rants with a bit of philosophy thrown in [url][url] -- letters for black lives is a collaborative project the uses the cc0 dedication [url][url] -- the original freedom lab; the freelabs federation website is based on its cc0-licensed wiki design. short stories: [url][url] fear and perfume -- by catherine b. krause video: [url][url] -- sita sings the blues is nina paleys ramayana remix film [url][url] -- get cc0 has 24 videos on youtube, ranging in length from 7 seconds to over 3 minutes [url][url] -- Double spiral animation, produced by fig educational language. The source is here: [url][url] home: [lit][lit]