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[lit] welcome to the software section of our library. we encourage you to help us expand our library by recommending titles, and by creating similar libraries of your own. you can even copy our [[library]], in whole or in part. the license for our library listings is the cc0 copyright waiver. please use the cc0 license for your library listings if you wish to help us expand our library through the creation of your own. that way, we can add parts of your library to ours (just as you can add parts of our library to yours.) even if you do not create your library in the same way, we recommend promoting titles with the licenses of items found in our library. some of the licenses we recommend and accept in this library can be found on this page: [[recommended-licenses]] reforming copyright law is another way to help our library grow. until copyright law is actually reformed, using free licenses for your work helps maintain a culture and computing experience that is not controlled exclusively by monopolies. operating system distributions: redix is designed to replace the posix standard and makes free software development more controlled by monopolies. we promote distributions that demonstrate a spoken or observable commitment to standing against the new redix power grab. [[distro-libre]] -- distro-libre | Our campaign to mitigate the minor tyranny of the distro has remixed Puppy Linux, Refracta, Void Linux and others [url][url] -- Hyperbola | Libre version of Arch without systemd [url][url] -- Connochaet OS | Libre distro compatible with Slackware and Salix [url][url] -- LibertyBSD | Libre flavour of BSD [url][url] -- Puppy Linux | Everything-as-root live distro by Barry Kauler [url][url] -- Refracta | Debian[lit]/[lit]Devuan-based live distro featuring refracta-tools for remastering games: [url][url] | Wograld is a GPL2-licensed client[lit]/[lit]server game based on 45 degree isometric tiles programming and scripting languages: [url][url] | Python is a cross-platform programming language developed by Guido van Rossum and used in both education and the software industry [url][url] | PyPy is an implementation of Python that will extend Python 2 support farther than the Python Software Foundation [url][url] | fig is an educational language based on python with a different syntax and goals [[library/wip-language]] wip is a small programming language with single-ascii-character commands, based on figplus and some ideas from drummyfish. programming libraries: [url][url] | small3dlib is a public domain (cc0) rasterizer for (not only) resource-limited computers. it is written in pure c99 (works in c++ as well) has few or no deps, and is easier to use than opengl. libre javascript: [url][url] varnam is a gpl3-licensed online translator for indian languages. the editor is based on html and javascript, the backend is the mpl-licensed libvarnam written in c. Our [[library]] is based on a cc0-licensed markdown-like[lit]/[lit]wiki-like system that you can copy as easily as right-clicking it, selecting "view source" and copying and pasting the code into a different neocities site or other site (works online or offline.) home: [lit][lit]